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Word of Hope is the only church in Novo Lisice, a fast-growing suburb of Skopje, Macedonia. Since SEND missionaries started a Bible study in the neighborhood in 1997, the church has grown significantly and is under Macedonian leadership. Its ministries include weekly worship services, children's classes, English language classes, ladies' Bible classes, and sports outreaches.

Word of Hope Church has a vision to expand its ministries and reach more residents in the fastest-growing part of Macedonia, in the suburb where the church is located. Our current rented area is small, and we are praying for God's right location and for Him to guide and provide the best place for us as a church.

The church plans to purchase a larger, standalone facility for its worship services and ministries. A larger building would enable Word of Hope to expand its ministries and leadership training program. A permanent church building would increase Word of Hope's credibility and stability in the neighborhood, as churches that rent are viewed as cults.

Over the long term, the church will benefit from not paying rent and will be able to use those funds for pastors' salaries, new ministries and outreaches, and new church plants.

Project cost: $175,000