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‘I’m too old for this!’ he thought as he hung upside down 10 feet of the ground, with only some thin fabric keeping him falling the rest of the way.  Being 60 years old doesn’t stop Mark* from putting himself out there on a rope … literally!  God has used Mark’s willingness to reach thousands all over the world.     

The Training Begins                           

In 2002, overweight and un-athletic, Mark began training to be an aerialist (acrobat in the air). As he considered the obvious risks and challenges associated with acrobatics, Mark recalled the many stories of "a God of the impossible" asking people to do life differently, to maybe look odd and stick out for Him. 

Mark felt this was a call to obedience he couldn’t refuse. However, the thought that “you’ll look funny, especially at your age” also kept going through his mind. Then, after his first Christian performance, when 40 people came forward to put their trust in Jesus, Mark’s own trust in God’s plan became unstoppable. 

Changing Hearts

Mark’s work as an aerialist reveals the wide variety of ways God can reveal Himself through our gifts. The physical expressions of art in its many forms communicate to hearts in a deep meaningful way. Mark and six other artists from seven different countries recently travelled to Africa using illusion, painting, dancing, acrobatics and music, to communicate the Gospel. One performance in a prison resulted in 39 people coming to faith in Jesus. The ministry team's gifts became powerful tools when given to God. 

"Their gifts became powerful tools when given to God."

After seven trips across Europe and the Middle East, Mark has trained three people and desires to equip the next generation to share the gospel through their unique talents. As Mark continues to share the gospel through acrobatics, he reminds us that, "God is not looking for perfection but is looking for those who are willing.”

*Name changed for security reasons.

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