Discipling Believers in Ukraine

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After committing their lives to Christ, Greg and Patti Wilton enrolled in Bible College in Saskatchewan, believing God was calling them to missions in Africa. However, in 1998, as graduation neared, it became clear that God had closed that door. 

The Wiltons returned to BC, uncertain where they would serve. After a prolonged period of waiting, Greg accepted a job in California. However, unexpectedly, on their way into the US, the Wiltons were denied entry. The crossing guard told them to return home and to use their degrees to become missionaries! Soon after that humbling experience, God led the Wiltons to Ukraine.  

"Through the twists and turns God was faithful to direct..."

Through the twists and turns, God was faithful to direct the Wiltons in His time to accomplish His work! God used them to disciple believers in Ukraine like Zhenya and Sveta, who are now discipling others. After 18 faithful years of ministry with SEND Canada, Greg and Patti retired in 2019.

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