Fostering Resilience in Others

This post is an excerpt from SEND Canada's 2022 Annual Report. To read more, click here!


Jon and Elaine Winter, from Ontario are living in Thailand, where they serve as the Directors of Member Care for SEND Asia. They describe their work as an opportunity “to walk alongside their peers to help them move towards healing and purpose in their ministries.”

It’s no secret that living and serving overseas can bring some unique difficulties. To overcome these challenges, global workers must develop resilience, relying on the unchanging character of God. Don’t we all need regular reminders of this, especially in difficult seasons of life?

That’s where Jon and Elaine’s roles come in. Jon works at The Well where he provides counselling to global workers in Asia. The Well provides debriefing sessions for individuals, families, and groups experiencing transitions and trials. Elaine works at The Well too. Her role includes triaging requests for care - a task that has been particularly important recently because of a surge of clients needing support.

Jon and Elaine have found that as they provide care, conversations, and counselling to global workers in Asia, they must rely on the Lord for the endurance they need to help workers who are hurting.

The Winters have also faced personal circumstances that tested their resilience. In the last year, Jon was in a bicycle accident that required a long recovery. The Winters also experienced the loss that comes with life’s changes when they moved to Thailand after serving in Japan for many years. Jon and Elaine have also experienced challenges resulting from the spiritual darkness present in Thailand. They must depend daily on the Spirit for the joy and strength required to be a light in this darkness. 

God has enabled them to persevere with joy and purpose through their experiences. And, God has used their experiences to bless and strengthen fellow global workers. Praise God for the way He has faithfully carried Jon and Elaine through challenges and has positioned them to help others.

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