Get to Know Our Goers Part 2: Caleb & Raquel

This post is an excerpt from SEND Canada's 2021 Annual Report. To read more, click here!



Meet Caleb & Raquel, two of SEND Canada's new workers! The individuals you will meet over the next few weeks (read part 1) are preparing to go to the field or have recently been sent. They are an answer to prayers of many faithful believers that more workers be sent into the harvest field! Today, we hope you will enjoy getting to know Caleb & Raquel as you read their answers to the following questions. 

How did you first feel called into missions work?

  • Caleb & Raquel: While we were in Thailand on a short term vision trip be both felt led to work with the Shan people.

How far along are you in your support raising journey?

  • Caleb & Raquel: We are 100%

Where will you serve? And is there a particular people group you will be working with?

  • Caleb & Raquel: Serving in Northern Thailand working with the Shan people. The specific village is not yet determined and we have just started studying language so hopefully we will find out this year.

What is a fun fact about you?

  • Caleb & Raquel: Caleb like roasting his own coffee!

What is one Bible verse that has inspired your involvement in missions?

  • Caleb & Raquel: Romans 10:14-15

What is the name of your Sending Church?

  • Caleb & Raquel: Northview Community Church

Favourite hot drink?

  • Caleb & Raquel: Coffee

Current favourite worship song?

  • Caleb & Raquel: You will be Honoured

"The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefore, to send out workers into his harvest field.”

- Matthew 9:37-38

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