GoJournal: Deepening Discipleship in Short-Term Missions

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Short-Term Missions can be life-changing!

Short-term Missions (STM) give God’s people an opportunity to grow as they serve Him and serve others (Luke 10:27-28). The GoJournal is designed to help deepen discipleship and relationships through STM. We want to use short-term missions to cultivate long-term fruit! 

The GoJournal has three key elements: 


The Journey Book provides participants with daily journaling templates including reflections on God’s Word and thought-provoking questions.




The Leader Guide helps one or more Team Leaders coordinate the effective use of the Journey Books and a thorough debriefing process.



The Mentor Guide enables a caring member of the home church to be personally involved with a STM worker through hospitality and prayer.

Whether you will serve as a STM worker, a Team Leader or a Mentor, get started with GoJournal today! 

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