Lessons Learned from an Internship in Macedonia

Kasey, from northern British Columbia, had her heart set on doing an internship in Ukraine. However, when the crisis in Ukraine began in February 2022, going to Ukraine became impossible.

Despite Kasey’s disappointment, she trusted God to provide a new location. He opened the door for her to serve in North Macedonia beginning in May 2022.

Some of Kasey’s ministries included helping teach English to Afghan refugee children and adults, and conducting outreach to the community. Kasey also ministered at various camps where she used her creativity to teach crafts.

Through her internship, God confirmed His calling on Kasey to be involved in long-term cross cultural ministry. Kasey’s internship provided her with experiences that will assist her in fulfilling God’s call.

First, Kasey excelled at learning Macedonian and Albanian, and was not afraid to use those languages with people she met. Kasey learned that speaking the heart language is essential to connecting with people and communicating the Gospel!

Second, Kasey realized she could live in a foreign country. Kasey learned to do things herself, like order data for her phone, buy groceries, and travel around the city. Those experiences gave Kasey the confidence that she can adjust to living cross-culturally!

Third, Kasey saw that worship in the Albanian church in Macedonia is different from what she is familiar with in Canada. The congregation is small, and the only accompaniment is a tambourine. Kasey observed that a missionary must be creative when leading worship. And she plans to learn an instrument, so she can contribute to worship in the church where she will serve!

Kasey set aside her disappointment about not going to Ukraine and was committed to serving God in North Macedonia. As a result, Kasey developed relationships by showing compassion and a willingness to serve people. Plus, she better understands what it will take to be a fruitful long term missionary!

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