Mentoring Matters: David's Story

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I became Christian as a teenager. I was raised Muslim in a Muslim community and did not have any exposure to Christianity. So everything was new to me. Several people impacted my life a lot. One of them was Phil*.  He would come and visit me on different occasions and take me with him to conferences, meetings and gatherings where Christians would meet, worship and hear from God's word. I was very encouraged to fellowship with them and develop many lasting relationship from these meetings. I learned how Christians interacted with each other and how they treated each other with dignity and grace.  

Another family who impacted my life was the Wardens*. They invited me to come and live with them for a year. In that year, I was able to observe Christian family life. They were raising their two adopted daughters and I learned a lot on parenting, discipline and love and care for a family. These experiences have marked my life for good.

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*Names have been changed for security purposes. 

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