Mentoring Matters: Merla's Story

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When I was at Bible college, I was mentored by a lady who was a retired missionary.  She loved the Lord and cared deeply about me and the other lady she was mentoring.  The thing I remember about her was her prayer life, she was a woman who spent time with God in prayer. 

There was one other person who mentored me, not formally but what I would call informal mentoring -I was challenged and changed just by observing his life. He was the youth pastor at my church during my last year of high school.  I noticed many things about him - his love for God, his humility and just his servant heart.  Anyone who was watching him would have been touch by how he lived.  He also modelled what it meant to be in ministry, and it was because of this one year of working with and observing him that impacted my life and opened my heart to consider going into ministry.

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