Mentoring Matters: Steve's Story

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“I am so blessed to have a mentor. I was in college and trying to figure out what to do with my life, when a pastor and family friend made the choice to deliberately invest in my life. He spent hours talking with me and helping me grow as a person. He encouraged me to think creatively about how God could use my talents and abilities. He helped me figure out what I am good at - and what I’m not good at!  He encouraged me to take courageous steps that helped me grow. When there were areas in my life I needed to improve, he challenged me to address them. Now, many years later, he continues to be my mentor. He continues to challenge me and has helped me navigate through some tough times. I have learned so much from his wisdom, and continue to be inspired by his example. Have you considered finding a mentor? I highly recommend it! And maybe it is time for you to consider mentoring someone!"

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