More Than A Financial Hub

By Merla Gogel
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What is the purpose?

If you were asked to describe the purpose of a mission organization’s Home Office, what would you say?

For Louise, the Home Office was a place where applications were processed, as well as ensuring a clear accounting for the money coming in and going out for its missionary work. However, after volunteering in the SEND Canada Office for 14 months, Louise came to realize that it was not just an application-processing place and a financial hub. She observed that the Home Office is an essential part of the overall mission work. It has a variety of functions that fill an important role in the life of their missionaries, which then contributes to their fruitfulness.


In 2014, Louise retired and was looking for something to help her through this transition period, until she and her husband discerned where God was leading them next. She was hoping for something that was not a huge time commitment, yet a place where she could use her skills and gifts. About this time, Louise heard of a volunteer position in the SEND Canada Office.

The Mundane and Menial Glorifies God

It was not a high profile role, but an important one to ensure the efficient running of the Finance department. Initially, Louise opened and sorted mail, and handled cheques. This morphed into filing documents which led to sorting through the files and removing inactive and dormant ones. Though these projects might be deemed mundane and menial by some, Louise saw how it helped the people in the department feel that they were on top of their paper work, and more importantly, that through this type of behind the scenes mission work, God can be glorified!

In addition to this, Louise saw the depth of care the Home Office provides for those missionaries God brings into the organization. Member care was always being provided, whether it was through the processing of applications, dealing with the finances or while the missionary/family was on Home Service. Louise made the observation that a vibrant, efficient Home Office is key, and if the Home Office is struggling in any area, the field missionaries will be impacted as well.

Also, Louise saw how the staff worked together to resolve issues which had arisen. Though these times were stressful and tense, and could damage relationships, Louse observed a determined willingness to come together in a Spirit of Unity for the purpose of resolving the problem.

A Change of Heart

Louise and her husband, Rod, have supported different organizations and missionaries over the years; and Louise was of the opinion that the administration fee missions have was too high!! However, after having spent time in the office, and seeing firsthand the support and care it provides for its missionaries, she realized that not only were these fees vital, but that they were not nearly enough to wholly pay for the wide range of important services provided by the Home Office. Louise now wishes that more could be done financially for the Home Office!

Providing quality Member Care services can put a Home Office into financial challenges. Please join Louise, and others in prayer, for people willing to participate in the work of Kingdom-building through financial giving to the Home Office.

Also, pray that God would continue to use the Home Office staff to provide encouraging and compassionate member care for its missionaries.

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