The Influence of a Sending Church

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Tiffany began attending Sturgeon Valley Baptist Church near Edmonton at the tender age of two. Since then, Sturgeon Valley has played an important role in Tiffany’s life and spiritual journey. Today, Sturgeon Valley plays a crucial part of Tiffany’s ministry in Japan.

While Tiffany was growing up, she and her family were separated by distance from their relatives. Tiffany felt safe around the church community. The people became like aunts and uncles to her. The multigenerational community at Sturgeon Valley was also Tiffany’s spiritual family. As she interacted with the believers, Tiffany grew in her faith step by step.

Sturgeon Valley also provided opportunities for Tiffany to serve. In high school, Tiffany went on a mission trip to Brazil, and was involved in ministry at the church. As a young adult, she led youth Bible Studies and worked in the Girls’ Club. While some ministries pushed Tiffany out of her comfort zone, Sturgeon Valley also allowed her to serve in her sweet spot – being their bookkeeper! Tiffany loved that role!

When God called Tiffany into cross-cultural ministry, the church community stood with her.

Soon after being accepted to serve with SEND, both the church and individuals gave generously, enabling Tiffany to participate in a vision trip to Japan. When Tiffany was raising support for long-term ministry in Japan, she was given opportunities to share in worship services and small groups about her future work. Sturgeon Valley even allowed Tiffany’s friends to hold fundraiser events in the church building to help raise support.

A special memory for Tiffany is the Commissioning Service in 2018, when Sturgeon Valley sent her out to serve God cross-culturally. Individuals spoke words of encouragement, and many people gathered to pray over her.

During Tiffany’s first term in Japan, Sturgeon Valley continued to pray for and communicate with her. On a few occasions, interviews were recorded and played during Sunday services. Individuals also contributed to care packages for Tiffany.

When Tiffany returned for home service in Canada, the church community again blessed Tiffany by welcoming her back, giving her opportunities to share about her ministry, and involving her in church life.

Sturgeon Valley’s love, care and support throughout Tiffany’s life is evident. As a result, their impact extends overseas as Tiffany serves God in Japan!

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