Trusting God through Turbulent Times

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How the Crisis in Ukraine is Affecting Our Global Workers

Many have asked us at SEND about how the crisis has impacted our global workers in Russia and Ukraine. Let me introduce you to our six Canadian workers from that region: Dave and Martina, Ken and Bertha, Renata, and Bruce.

These families and individuals have spent years building a home in either Ukraine or Russia. They made sacrifices to live in these locations, for the purpose of bringing the good news to those who have not heard. They learned language, culture, and how to minister effectively to the local people. They built close friendships with Ukrainians and Russians.

When the crisis began, they were each required to leave the people and places that had become home. In some cases, they left without saying goodbyes or packing their belongings. They each left with uncertainty about their future. They left with heavy hearts for the suffering that the people of the region were going through.

Each worker has been required to adapt, to trust God, and to seek His leading for their futures. God has sustained and provided for His servants. Almost a year later, we can see God’s hand in leading these families and individuals.

Ken and Bertha are now serving from Canada, as they continue to equip, mentor, and train missionaries. Dave and Martina have relocated to Germany with their two teenage boys where Dave continues to serve as Eurasia regional director. Recently, Renata was able to return to her long-term place of ministry to say goodbye and pack her belongings. She is now exploring other ministry options in Eurasia. Bruce, currently on home service, is preparing to return to his ministry location in God’s timing to continue his ministry there.

These individuals have relied on the Lord and are continuing in faith despite hardships. God has brought healing, restoration, and renewed passion and opportunities for ministry in their lives. We praise God that He is carrying these workers through a tumultuous season.

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