Willing to Change?

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From a long-term mission worker in Russia.

An Unexpected Loss

From the moment I arrived in Krasnoyarsk, Russia, I delved into language study and got involved working with orphans. I was enjoying this rewarding work when I learned that, for various reasons, SEND was concluding ministry in Krasnoyarsk. What?! This was hard to understand because it was so unexpected.  

To be honest, I grieved the loss of this ministry but soon began to pray and seek wisdom from others regarding my next ministry location. I believed that God had something else for me! 

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In time it became clear that God was leading me to Ulan Ude, Siberia. Though the change was daunting and I did not know exactly what to expect, I took the next step of faith and made the move! But I discovered that when God calls you to a new place, He also enables you to adjust to the new location and the new team, plus He gives you a love for new people and a new ministry. 

A Perfect Fit

In Ulan Ude, I was asked to be involved with youth outreach even though I did not yet have experience with this age group. I was surprised at how rewarding it was to work with the teens. It felt like a perfect fit. The students came right from school, so we often served food – well-received in any culture! Laughing We also played games and did a Bible lesson. God was using me to develop a safe place for the youth to get to know God and grow in their faith and to talk about the issues they faced!

A Blessing in Disguise

As I look back at that unexpected transition from Krasnoyarsk to Ulan Ude, I learned that I do not need to be afraid of change. It can actually be a blessing in disguise. Plus, the change forced me to totally lean on God for enabling and for fruitfulness, rather than relying on my own abilities and experience.

It was amazing to experience God’s grace as I embraced the plans that He designed even though they were unexpected!  

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