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Kenny & Brittany

We are the Beacham family, and we are preparing to serve in Croatia!

Most people imagine Europe as a Christian continent; after all, from the fall of Rome through the first and second world wars, Christianity was the law of the land. But today, Europe's Christian core has largely eroded. In most countries, fewer than 1% of the population claim Jesus as their Saviour. What is left of the church is small and under-resourced.

The situation in Croatia is even worse. Ravaged by communism and then a brutal civil war in the 90s, Croatia is poorer and less Christian than much of Europe.

Just 0.4% of Croatians are evangelical Christians. To put that into perspective, the least-reached city in our home country, Canada, has only one church per 5,000 people. In contrast, Croatia has just over 4 million people and less than 100 evangelical churches, which means Croatia has one church per 40,000 people. In the least reached city in Canada, there are eight times as many churches per person as there are in Croatia.

And that means, with one church per 40,000 people and only 0.4% Christian, most people will never meet someone in their day-to-day life who can share the gospel with them.

The church in Croatia is small, but it hasn’t given up. They are seeking the Lord, committed to planting new churches and going into the towns and cities where there is little to no physical presence of Christ-followers. We will be joining a team of long-term missionaries already on the ground in Croatia and partnering with national pastors and leaders. Our team's goal is to help the Croatian church establish healthy and reproducing churches in all regions of the country.

Over 75% of Christians become Christians before the age of 21. Because of this, outreach to young people is crucial to strengthening the church. In addition to church planting, we will work with DPB House, a Christian camp focused on introducing children, young people, and families to the good news of Jesus through outdoor education and community outreach programs.

You have a crucial part in spreading the gospel in Croatia! Your partnership enables us to provide vital support and manpower as we work hand in hand with the local church to share the gospel. As you partner with us financially and through prayer, you strengthen and build the church in Croatia.

Would you consider partnering with us today and becoming part of the work the Lord is doing in Croatia?


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