Timothy Burda

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While serving at my local church as the young adult ministry leader, a desire was placed in my heart early this year to partner with a missionary organization and serve people overseas. After expressing an interest in this, a friend of mine brought me to a weekend conference that focused on the need for the gospel to reach Japan. According to recent statistics, only about 1% of the population professes to know Jesus Christ. When you compare this statistic to other countries in the area, like the Philippines (92.5%) and South Korea (29.2%), you will start to understand that Japan has more in common with countries like North Korea (1.7%) and Iran (0.4%) than the United States (71%).

I will be partnering with local churches and organizations to minister to the youth in Japan. Due to the cultural expectations to perform and succeed, suicide is the leading cause of death for men in Japan around the ages of 20-44, and woman from the ages of 15-34. Our desire is to build lasting Christ like relationships with the youth in order to provide them with a hope for the future.

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