Anna Rosengren

In: Japan
ID: 208080

By His grace, God has chosen me to become a missionary to Japan. The Japanese have already been on His heart since the dawn of time and He has been shaping a space for them in mine as well for His glory and kingdom. Before I spent any time in Japan, I knew only stereotypical things, but now I have seen and experienced the reflections of God’s character in the beauty and richness of their culture that the Lord longs to redeem for Himself. 

I landed in country April 17, (my brother’s birthday) 2019, to start my first term of service with SEND. I will study the language full-time for about 2 years until I’m at a sufficient oral proficiency level; even then, I will continue to peel back the layers of the Japanese language and culture all through my missionary career in Japan. I’m so excited to have the chance to dive into the language on a deeper level and to share the gospel and faith in people’s heart language and through their cultural lens!

After full-time language, I anticipate going into camping ministry at SEND-owned Okutama Bible Chalet where I will work with other staff who are committed to teaching and discipling young people within a gospel-living context. Also, I’m looking forward to connecting with local pastors and members of the Japanese national churches to be able to support and encourage them with what camp has to offer to meet their spiritual growth needs. Thank you for your prayers and support on this journey. I wouldn’t be able to be here without you all around me!

  • Verses for this season: Isaiah 43:19; Revelation 21:4-5
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