In: Central Asia
ID: 371652

(Due to the security-sensitive nature of this family's ministry, we cannot publish their names or photograph on the internet.) 

What do people say about our mission destination?

  • “It really is not an easy place.”
  • "It is a long way from home, in the middle of nowhere."
  • "Your mission field is as near as your next-door neighbor."

We wish it were that easy. The reality is that unreached people groups like those in Central Asia remain unreached because very few can go or do not see a need to go.

The challenge is to fulfill the Lord's commission to proclaim and demonstrate his love to all nations, including Central Asia.  

Now is our turn to go but we need you to send us. This, too, is the Lord's design (Romans 10:13-15). We seek a partnership of senders and goers doing what He wants all of us to do.  

It is not easy, but together we can do this. “A cord of three strands is not easily broken.”(Ecclesiastes 4:12)


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