Medical Compassion Fund

In: Asia, Southeast Asia
ID: 21144

During 2023, we assisted a total of 10 clients in their significant medical needs. This means the donations received were used to help these families avoid further debt in hospital bills or get a medical concern checked up, which they would have otherwise ignored, likely resulting in long lasting consequences. 

We also fundraise specifically for the opportunities to conduct MEDICAL CLINICS in local marginalized communities we have connections with. We follow up these families, often tied to our FAITH garden program or scholars, for months after clinics as well, sharing the healing found in Jesus as we care for families.  Team Hope is thrilled to have a medical doctor and nurses on our team. Your gift will help us care for the whole person needs of our community friends.

We realize a need for medical assistance in our contacts' medical needs. Often a simple operation can leave a family drowning in debt for many years, thus needed medical attention is ignored, sometimes with permanent, though preventable, consequences. We are seeking funding for these medical sponsorships.

These acts of kindness are moments of grace, joy, and peace to families that desperately need it. Moments where we are able to contribute or cover needs are never forgotten, and this action open doors to their hearts for many years. Each assistance opportunity is paired with extensive follow up and home visits to use opportunities not just to be the hands of Jesus, but proclaim the message of Jesus as well.

Consider an amount like $500 or $1000 which will move us closer to participating in their lives through medical clinics and assistance.

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