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While we pursue pushing back the darkness in our communities, thorns do exist. A local neighbor to our training farm has made land claims of our farm, and seeks to extort from our non-profit millions in the local currency. His extortion attempts have come with actual theft of produce and threats of bodily harm.

We are incredibly grateful for the funds given last year to this project, as it has been very helpful in de-escalating this situation and providing our farm families with more peace of mind. We are looking to fund continuing security for our farm for another year.

With a continued security contract, we state that we believe in what we are doing to expand Kingdom Transformation through agriculture. We also communicate the difference our farm makes in the communities we work in, and how we protect and invest in our staff. We deeply understand and empathize in this parallel experience that so many of our Miga friends have experienced on this island when their farms and land were stolen.

Consider giving a month's salary for three guards at $1,500 or a half year at $8,000. Our total cost for this is $16,000 which includes their salary, minor fencing, and additional materials.

For our safety in the next year, we would ask you to consider helping us keep our members and this vital property safe for one more year, when we hope to have come up with a more feasible and affordable solution to this crisis.

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