Shan Mountain Village

In: Southeast Asia, Thailand
ID: 21170

In a remote jungle, more than 1,000 men and women have made the desperate, brave decision to seek help for the drug addiction that has shattered their lives. Though there is no more room in the rehabilitation camp, several new people arrive every day. The pastor who runs the camp, himself a former addict, does not have the heart to send them away. 

For five years, we asked God to open a door among Shan men, so that they might take the gospel to the heartland of this unreached, Buddhist people group. Here is his answer! 

In this camp we have complete freedom to share the gospel by telling these men the stories of the Bible and of the Christ who can set them free. 

Over the course of a five-year program, we trust that Christ can replace the deep shame these men feel with the honor of a dignified, redeemed life. But the center currently resembles a rough refugee camp. You can help turn this camp into a sustainable, holistic rehabilitation center.



The rehab camp is located deep in the jungle, far from any power grid. The detox camp, where the drug addicts are first assigned upon arrival, is literally in complete darkness. Our top priority: Bring light to these barracks through solar power!

This Christmas, SEND International will send a team into the detox center to light it up! Fifty solar-powered lights will transform the barracks where over 400 men have come for help. The entire solar project will cost $6,000 USD. For every $15 gift, you can provide light for one man who has come to the camp longing to be set free.

shan woman

A Shan woman transformed through the rehabilitation camp. 


The men and women who come to the camp have little more than a mat on the ground to sleep. Sleeping bags, which cost just $20 each, will both give them warmth on cold winter nights in the mountain camp and also will protect them from jungle insects that threaten their fragile health.

Other future components of the Shan Mountain Village project will include:

  • Illustrated Bible story books 
  • Roofing for new barracks, dining hall and training center buildings
  • Rice and vegetable starter kits for times of need

Thank you for giving generously to change lives through the Shan Mountain Village Project!


Project 21170-AREAPROJ / Shan Mountain Village Project

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