Am I Ready?

At SEND, our passion is to help you thrive in life and ministry as a missionary among the unreached. As you explore God’s leading, here are a few questions that can help determine whether you’re ready to go and how SEND’s mission coaches and your local church can help you grow toward being sent.

  1. Your story: Missionaries lead others to follow Jesus. What is your personal story of hearing and responding to the Good News of Jesus and his offer of salvation? 
  2. Your life: Your daily, personal walk with the Lord equips you to serve as a good ambassador for God in any culture. How would you describe your relationship with Jesus?
  3. Your church: Local churches play the primary role in sending and caring for missionaries. When you discuss your interest in missions with your church leaders, how have they encouraged you to pursue God's leading? 
  4. Your beliefs: Serving alongside a great team—a team you are excited about and can work with in unity—can help you and your ministry thrive. What are your thoughts about SEND's statement of faith?
  5. Your faith: Joining God in his mission to reach the unreached means relying on him to provide for all your needs. How do you feel about placing your faith in God for his provision and raising financial support?

As you considered these questions, maybe God affirmed that you are ready to take the next steps. Please reach out to a SEND mission coach who can help you discover your unique role in reaching the unreached! You can fill out a Get Started form to contact a coach.

Not feeling quite ready? No problem! A mission coach would love the opportunity to connect with you and to partner with your local church to help you explore missions. 

Because God uses all types of people and ministries to reach the unreached, we offer a wide range of opportunities and three lengths of service—short-term (2 weeks to 1 year), mid-term (1-3), and long-term (3+ years).   

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