Steps & Qualifications

SEND works with each potential missionary on a personal basis. But to get a basic idea of the approval process, check out the info below.


God draws people into missions in unique and personal ways. Although not every SEND missionary takes the same path to the field, there are some common steps.

Talk to your pastor or spiritual mentor about whether missions is right for you
Investigate SEND’s opportunities and qualifications
Fill out a Get Started form
Talk to a SEND Mobilizer
Apply to SEND or a designated local partner agency
Be approved by SEND or your partner agency
Attend training and raise support

If you feel God might be leading you into missions with SEND


SEND International is passionate about mobilizing God’s people to live and share the gospel among unreached people groups, making disciples of all nations. We do everything we can to help our missionaries succeed. When we consider potential missionaries, we start with the basics:

  • Know Jesus Christ as your personal Savior
  • Live a mature, consistent, godly lifestyle
  • Be recommended by your sending church
  • Agree with SEND’s Statement of Faith
  • Have the experience, education or qualifications for the particular ministry you are applying for
  • Be healthy physically, spiritually, emotionally and relationally
  • Speak and understand English adequately for team communications and your ministry context (some exceptions apply)

Other requirements depend on the length of service:

Short-term (2 weeks-1 year)

  • Be at least two years post secondary school (except for special cases)
  • Be open to God calling you into long-term missions

Mid-term or Long-term (2-3 years or 4+ years)

  • Strong sense of call and urgency to reach the lost
  • Relate well with others, particularly interculturally—submissive to leaders, servants to teammates; willing to work under the leadership of national believers
  • Know how to interpret, apply and defend Scripture
  • Able to present the gospel
  • Working toward paying off debt
  • Previous missions and/or church ministry experience

If you have any questions about SEND’s qualifications or want to get started, fill out a Get Started form

Journey Into Missions Map