Why Go With SEND

As you make disciples among unreached peoples, SEND will support you by offering excellent member care. Click on the categories below to see some of the benefits you and your family will receive as SEND missionaries.

Support Raising Assistance

Support-raising tools can help you build your partnership team so that you can start making disciples among the unreached. Through SEND, you will receive training on how to build a support team, and a Member Care Coach will walk alongside you throughout the process. You can offer your donors multiple ways to give, and you’ll have access to financial databases to track your progress. Donations will be quickly and accurately receipted.

Development & Training

SEND values training at all stages of your missionary career. You will enjoy access to training onsite, online, or through local seminars, and we also can recommend other training resources that will help you become a missionary and make disciples.

  • Pre-field: Training will help you raise support and prepare for cross-cultural, disciple-making ministry. Together, we will assess your personal needs and may recommend other beneficial training.
  • On-field: Missionary coworkers coordinate language and orientation for you. You also will have access to ministry skills and missiological training, such as church-planting and coaching workshops.
  • Leadership: For those in leadership roles, SEND provides training and coaching to help you effectively guide your team as you make disciples among the unreached.
  • Returning home: At Reconnect, a three-day group retreat for returning missionaries, you can focus on debrief/reflection, plus receive spiritual encouragement, necessary training, and connection to the SEND community and office.

SEND International supports lifelong learning and development. During your missionary career, you are encouraged to pursue graduate programs, professional seminars and conferences. 

Medical Insurance

As a long-term SEND missionary, your support package includes worldwide medical coverage for doctor visits, hospitalization, major medical, and medical evacuation.

Retirement Plan/Pension

As a long-term SEND missionary, a contribution to a 403b retirement plan is included in your support package. As you approach the end of your career, our retirement seminar can help you navigate the transition.

Life Insurance

As a long-term SEND missionary, your support package includes a standard amount of life insurance for husband, wife, and children. If you’d like, you can add more coverage through our life insurance company.

Missionary Kid Care

Your children matter, so SEND intentionally cares for your whole family. Your missionary children will prepare to move to the field through age-appropriate pre-field training; have fun, learn and grow through kids’ programs at conferences; and process their experiences on the field through age-specific debriefing. We also emphasize care for college-age MKs who live far from their families.

Missionary Kid Education

You know your children and understand their needs better than anyone else does. Our consultants come alongside you to help you determine the best educational options for your children. You also will have access to academic testing and MK education seminars.

Counseling & Crisis Intervention

The added stress of the mission field can sometimes compound life’s challenges. SEND provides counseling assessment and referrals if you need an extended debrief or professional counseling. Our Member Care Team works with field leadership, the sending church and you, the missionary, to find the approach that best meets your needs.

Personalized Care

Though you may serve overseas, you are not far from us. Our office staff regularly prays for you by name. We stay in touch to encourage you and to engage with you on issues of importance. When you take a home assignment, we offer a personal debrief and link you with a Member Care Coach to help you navigate the requirements of home service and accomplish your objectives.

Communication Services

You want to tell your potential supporters about your ministry in a clear, compelling way. SEND’s Communications team can help you put together a ministry presentation package that includes:

  • Personalized ministry brochure
  • Prayer cards
  • Business cards
  • Prayer letter training and assistance
  • Personalized support commitment form
  • Personalized web page on with online donation capabilities

You also can use our field-specific brochures, videos and web pages to communicate the opportunities to make disciples among the unreached in the place where you plan to serve.