New FRC Roll-out

The multinational FRC Implementation Team plans to roll out a new tool to create FRCs, and a new process to have them submitted and approved. This will apply to all members of SEND and will start in early 2018 to keep the regular cycle of FRC preparations.

We’ve created two videos to introduce this initiative: 

  • Warren Janzen, our International Director, gives a high-level view of the change in his two-minute message.
  • International Treasurer Ruth Kirtland presents more detail and covers some frequently asked questions in her 15-minute video. Here’s a brief outline:
    • 1:10 – Goals of Revised FRC
    • 2:15 – What’s NOT changing?
    • 3:35 – What IS changing?
    • 6:10 – How is this all going to happen?
    • 9:45 – Frequently Asked Questions?
    • 13:20 – Rollout Timeline

If you have questions or feedback, please click here to email Ruth Kirtland or Rob Magwood.  

Revising the SEND FRC - Intro from Warren Janzen from Chandelle Body on Vimeo.

Revising the SEND FRC - Part 2 - Ruth Kirtland from Chandelle Body on Vimeo.