People Groups
Home to 2,152 people groups, over 350 of whom are unreached Muslim groups.
Major Religions
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SEND’s Ministry
SEND workers, in partnership with a sister organization, will engage Indian Muslims by building bridges of friendship and understanding. The team will work with a local church and partner agency to use literacy, micro-finance, and community health and development to minister in communities and connect Muslim people to Jesus. SEND’s goal is to create Great Commission believers who will reach their neighbors, other people groups, and neighboring countries.
Spiritual Climate
95% of India’s population is part of an unreached people group and these groups speak 1,500 different languages. How will they respond to the gospel if they have never heard it? Currently, India only has seven missionaries per million people. The Indian church and missionaries need more help to effectively communicate the gospel.
Team Goals
In the next five years, SEND India will:
  • Recruit people willing to learn a new language.
  • Seek to establish a spiritual reputation in India's neighborhoods.
  • Follow social networks in sharing the gospel.
  • Use stories to present the gospel.
  • Sensitively but courageously seek to gather people together for worship.

Opportunities in India

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