People Groups
Slavic Macedonians & Muslim Minorities (Albanian and Roma)
Major Religions
Macedonian Orthodox, Islam
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SEND’s Ministry

SEND has established a church in one of the fastest-growing suburbs of the capital city, and national leadership has taken responsibility for the ministry. Sports ministry, language classes, and Business as Mission initiatives are key platforms for building relationships and sharing the gospel. A second church is being planted, a third one is in early stages and a fourth one is preparing for launch.

SEND Macedonia needs:

  • people who love Christ - who want to share Jesus with others and devote their time and efforts to Him
  • people who love people - who love to connect, spend time, and invest in the lives of others
  • people with grit - who persevere, have passion, and are courageous
Spiritual Climate
Macedonia’s Eastern Orthodox heritage gives many a false sense of Christian identity based on a complex system of rituals, saints, and religious holidays. This system often serves as a kind of vaccine, making people resistant to the life-giving gospel which is obscured or even absent in the traditional church. Many Macedonians go through religious motions while espousing the atheism pushed on them during communist rule.
Team Goals

2020 Vision

By the year 2020, SEND Macedonia hopes to:

  • Mobilize 1,000 prayer partners for our Muslim ministry
  • Be joined by 20 new SEND missionaries
  • Establish 5 new kingdom businesses
  • Begin 4 new church plants
  • Build 1 new church building
To join the 2020 prayer team, contact the Macedonia Area Director.

Opportunities in Macedonia

Church Planting Team Member - Europe
Men and women with a growing personal and passionate love for Christ and His word to build...
Country: Albanian Ministries, Croatia, Czech Republic, Europe, Macedonia, Middle East, Poland, Romania, Slovenia, Spain
Term: Long-Term (3+ years), Mid-Term (1 - 3 years), Short-Term (2 weeks - 1 year)
Macedonia BAM Internship
A business internship with a Christian non-profit, helping small business owners in...
Country: Europe, Macedonia
Term: Short-Term (2 weeks - 1 year)
Healthcare Development Leader - Macedonia
Engage in holistic discipleship through the integration of your healthcare expertise and...
Country: Europe, Macedonia
Term: Long-Term (3+ years)

Project in Macedonia

Word of Hope Church
In: Macedonia
Word of Hope is the only church in Novo Lisice, a fast-growing suburb of Skopje, Macedonia. Since SEND missionaries started a Bible study in the neighborhood in 1997, the church has grown... Read More »
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