South Asia

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SEND’s Ministry
SEND workers engage South Asian Muslims by building bridges of friendship and understanding. Through partnerships, the team uses medical services, literacy, and community health and development to minister in communities and connect Muslims to Jesus. SEND’s goal is to create Great Commission believers who will reach their neighbors, other people groups, and neighboring countries.
Spiritual Climate
80% of Muslims don’t even know a Christian, let alone have a Christian friend with whom they could raise spiritual questions. How will they respond to the gospel if they have never heard it?  The Church must step up and explain the truth clearly, but with gentleness, love and compassion. The Church needs to send its best to live incarnational lives among Muslims.
Team Goals
In the next five years, South Asia will:
  • Recruit people willing to learn a new language.
  • Seek to establish a spiritual reputation in local neighborhoods.
  • Follow social networks in sharing the gospel.
  • Use stories to present the gospel.
  • Sensitively but courageously seek to gather people together for worship.

Opportunities in South Asia

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