Southeast Asia Diaspora

People Groups
International Migrants, Malays, Malaysians
Major Religions
Islam, Buddhism, Hindu, Animism, and Christianity
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SEND’s Ministry
There are over 281 million international migrants (IM) globally, of which 111 million live in Asia. These IMs are often asylum seekers with a majority of them not registering with the UN due to fear of detainment and deportation. Many of these IMs have been in their host country for five, ten, twenty years or more. Most have lost hope in the asylum system and are resigned to a life where they cannot legally work, go to school, receive basic healthcare, or integrate into society. They live without hope. Our desire is to introduce them to Jesus as the only one who can bring hope. Our Southeast Asia Diaspora ministry is a strategic focus among IMs, beginning in Malaysia, where there are an estimated 5+ million IMs. Our multinational team will partner with like-minded NGOs and minister through education, development, community health, and engagement.
Spiritual Climate
Malaysia’s official religion is Islam and about 60% of the population are Malay Muslims. The remaining 40% of the population are Buddhists, Christians, Hindus, and Animists. A Malay person is someone who professes Islam, habitually speaks Malay, conforms to Malay customs, and is the child of a Malaysian parent. Because of strict apostasy laws, all Malays are Muslims and not allowed to change their religion. Our team desires to reach the IMs that live within this context, but are not subjected to these same laws.
Team Goals
  • Communicate a culturally relevant, biblical message to the displaced and marginalized community.
  • Rescue the displaced and marginalized community who are homeless, cheated, or in danger of being trafficked and enslaved.
  • Relieve - provide relief assistance to the displaced and marginalized community who are suffering, deprived, or sick.
  • Restore the traumatized with the displaced and marginalized community to holistic, physical, mental, and spiritual health.
  • Rehabilitate the displaced and marginalized community who need education, livelihood skills, social life and dignity.

Life in Malaysia looks like:

  • Learning the local language and practicing with neighbors, friends, and as you shop for food in the market.
  • Partnering with like-minded NGOs and being part of a cross-organizational, multicultural team.
  • Using your God-given gifts, abilities, and skills to share the message and hope of Jesus in everyday life.
  • Living in a large, modern, urban context with impoverished IM communities that are woven into the environment.

Would you be a good fit for this new team?

To thrive in Malaysia, you will need:

  • A close, daily walk with Jesus.
  • A pioneering spirit and love to bring hope to marginalized peoples.
  • Passion in your love for Muslims and a commitment to the work of making disciples.
  • Excitement about partnering with experienced NGO organizations and workers in Malaysia.