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 “You are the body of Christ. Each one of you is a part of it” (1 Cor 12:27). Has God called you to be a part of his work? Below are many ways you can join us.

Learn more:

Share: Share our introductory video and free report with your family and friends.

  This is the simplest and yet the most powerful way to join God's work. Join our prayer team, Push Back the Darkness, to get bi-weekly email prayer points.  

  If you feel so led, there are many options for you to give financially. 

  • We have several projects which can use your support. Follow this link to view all SEND North Projects
  • If you desire to personally support a missionary, we have several folks in their initial phase of raising support. Contact us for more information.
  • For those who live in the Pacific-Northwest, Fred Meyer has a rewards card which you can link to SEND North as your favorite non-profit in their Fred Meyer Community Rewards program. Your purchases of most things will then benefit us and we will get a quarterly remittance from Fred Meyer.

Join us on the field:

  • Explore short and long-term ministry opportunities in Alaska and Canada here: SEND North Opportunities.
    • Short-Term Trips:
      • There are small work projects, ministry internships, and summer camp ministries.  
      • We also have a specific experience designed for church leadership teams considering a more strategic partnership with us. Contact us to learn more.
    • Full-Time Ministry: If you sense God may be leading you to join us in full-time ministry, you can go the traditional self-supported ministry route or you can do bi-vocational (tent making) ministry by working somewhere in the Far North.

The Next Step: Explore missions by talking to a coach. Get started here.