Our History


The history of SEND North begins in 1936 when it was incorporated as Central Alaskan Missions by founder, Vincent Joy, in his home state of New Jersey.  In the spring of 1937, Vincent traveled to Copper Center, Alaska with his wife, Beckie, and their young son, Jim. Vince was an inspiring visionary and a tireless worker for the Kingdom. By the time of his death in 1966, well over 50 workers had joined CAM.His visions had been at least initially fulfilled in the successful establishment of Faith Hospital, Radio KCAM, and Alaska Bible College. Outreach efforts had touched about 20 communities. His approach was to “by all means reach some.”

A time of uncertainty followed the death of such a dynamic leader. In 1971, CAM became a field of Far Eastern Gospel Crusade, a mission born out of World War II. In 1983, the mission adopted its current name, SEND International.
Ultimately, independent churches were established in Glennallen, Copper Center, Kenny Lake, Gulkana, Mendeltna, Tok, Eagle, and Dawson City (Yukon). Other communities had fledgling chapels assisted by missionaries. A second radio station, KRSA, was built in Petersburg, AK.  Alaska Bible College courses were taught around Alaska and alumni spread around the globe. The Summer Missionary Program opened doors for ministry in unreached communities and challenged its participants to a life of ministry. Educational outreach and church planting in the Russian Far East were undertaken.

In 2002, a new vision to reach beyond the currently served areas of Alaska and Yukon, was embraced. “105 in 5” was a bold request of God to increase us numerically so we could reach people living in places that were unknown to us. Our field grew rapidly, stretching to include many communities in Western Alaska and new points in the Canadian territory.  We then pushed to "Saturate in Seven" to strengthen our existing teams. In this time, SEND North solidified its focus exclusively on starting churches in the remote Far North.  Alaska Bible College, Cross Roads Medical Center, and the Radio ministry are now independent.

60-70-small-window-mapOur vision is to see every community of the 60/70 Window filled with local disciple-makers who meet together regularly and have established regional leadership.   We want local Christians to effectively present Jesus in every community as far east as Greenland.