Where We Serve

The “60 / 70 window” – that land between the 60 and 70 degree latitude – is vast and sparsely populated.  There are hundreds of Native and First Nations villages across this window in Alaska and Northern Canada.  These villages are filled with people who need to be reconciled with their Creator.


Alaska:  Life and ministry moves at a slower pace. It sometimes takes years to establish meaningful relationships. Villagers see a lot of people come and go and are sometimes suspicious of strangers. Those hoping to reach northern people cannot be aggressive. Sometimes just quietly being a good neighbor is the most effective way to build a friendship. Isolation and difficult climate also hinder spiritual progress. Salvation stories are few and far between, but for those willing to stay for the long-haul there has been fruit. In places where hearts used to be closed, God is opening doors for ministry.


Northern Canada: Tolerance—an attitude that has allowed Canadians from diverse backgrounds to live in harmony. While commendable, this attitude adversely affects the religious landscape. While Canadians may politely listen to a gospel presentation, they may view the claim that Jesus is the only way as intolerant. Considering the diverse religious backgrounds and worldviews which are encountered, ministry in northern Canadian towns requires great patience and endurance.