Campus Outreach to Muslim Minority Students

Opp ID: 37157
Tutor teach Muslim students in Southeast Asia

Individuals who are first and foremost in love with Jesus, whose hearts break for the lost, and who are committed, intentional, hard working, and prayerful. You must be interested in tutoring and teaching continuing education to students from cultural minority backgrounds in Southeast Asia.

Country: Asia, Southeast Asia
Term: Long-Term (3+ years), Mid-Term (1 - 3 years), Short-Term (2 weeks - 1 year)

The students we work with on the university campus are primarily from Muslim backgrounds and represent the poorest communities in this needy country. With few resources to prepare them for the challenges of university, many are compelled to leave before completing their degree. The desire of Team Hope is to be the light and presence of Jesus on campus while teaching and mentoring these minority students, helping them gain basic skills necessary to succeed in their studies and enter the workforce after graduation.

Responsibilities of a Campus Worker may include:

  • Being a regular presence at our student center to befriend and help Muslim students succeed through assisting them with basic English, math, writing, and computer skills. Specialized skills are also welcome for advanced tutoring.
  • Visiting students in their dorms on a regular basis
  • Interacting with students through stories from Scripture and your personal relationship with the Father
  • Prayerfully initiating regular small group Discovery Bible Studies with spiritually interested students through the stories of God’s Word
  • Mentoring in our campus scholarship program by contributing your unique skills and abilities in leading a "certificate program" (ex.: computer skills, health, basic guitar, life/leadership/study skills, basic math, etc.)
  • Meeting regularly with an accountability group of several scholars to discuss grades, academics, personal growth, etc.
  • Planning and leading large group student social events
Specific Qualifications:
  • Willing to learn the local language
  • Ability to build relationships and be the presence of Jesus while proclaiming the message of Jesus
  • Ability to love Muslim students, as well as their friends and families
  • Experience as guidance counselor 
  • Interest in mental health process
  • TESOL/ESL teachers or students in training