Community Worker

Opp ID: 1243
Southeast Asian Muslim girls sitting on the ground listening to teaching

Resilient, focused, hard-working individuals with a passion for seeing Muslim people come to faith in Jesus, who are willing and able to live simply in order to learn the culture/language and invest in relationships in a Muslim community.

Country: Asia, Southeast Asia
Term: Long-Term (3+ years), Mid-Term (1 - 3 years), Short-Term (2 weeks - 1 year)

One of our passions in working in rural communities is to see healthy families established and transforming their communities. In a culture where fathers often have multiple wives/families and mothers often work abroad to provide for their families, kids often grow up in divided and fragmented homes with little opportunity for education. Team Hope has the opportunity to be the presence of Jesus while bringing the message of Jesus to these communities.

We do this by reaching out to the following groups: 

Children and youth

  • Build relationships with children/youth and their families; regularly visit their homes, mentoring and intentionally sharing Bible stories
  • Plan, lead, and participate in summer camps (usually March and April)
  • Provide educational tutoring, help with homework, health and life skills programs
  • Teach biblical values through Bible stories, which will lead to group Discovery Bible Studies
  • Teach English, math, and computer classes
  • Plan monthly children/youth events with games, dramas, songs, activities/crafts, and Bible stories

Women and families

  • Build relationships with women and their families by visiting them in their homes and pursuing gatherings around areas of interest for women
  • Teach women a variety of topics: literacy, livelihood/job skills, Bible stories, family life, resolving conflict, parenting, holistic health
  • Share Christ in culturally appropriate ways
  • Participate in community health education classes and activities
  • Assist in classes for new moms
  • Mentor and disciple women

Boys and men
  • Teach agriculture and gardening skills to men in order for them to provide food and income for their families
  • Coach/teach basketball and sports skills to youth and young adults
  • Plan and lead basketball tournaments and other sporting events
  • Mentor small groups of young men
  • Bring whatever skills and hobbies God has given you in order to build relationships, spend time together, and share truth from God's Word

Specific Qualifications:

The main mission of Team Hope is to "be the presence of Jesus and bring the message of Jesus" to our Muslim friends in Southeast Asia, in order to establish healthy families of faith that become the foundation of reproducing churches. Everything we do—whether it is through health, agriculture, education, livelihood, or literacy programs—is for the purpose of restoring families and creating natural groups of friends who study God's Word and discover Jesus together.

  • Learn the local language
  • Build relationships in order to spend time with and visit people in their homes
  • Initiate Discovery Bible Studies (DBS) among natural family and friendship groups that will initiate more Discovery Bible Studies, so that many may come to know and follow Jesus
  • Participate in a variety of community programs and projects
  • Train and mentor children, youth, and adults