Creative Arts Team Member

Opp ID: 41407
Musicians, performing artists, technicians, and people with media skills or logistical skills working with Muslims.
Musicians, performing artists, technicians, and people with media skills or logistical skills to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ to Muslim peoples through the creative arts.
Country: Asia, Europe, Middle East
Term: Long-Term (3+ years), Mid-Term (1 - 3 years), Short-Term (2 weeks - 1 year)
  • Be part of a creative arts team
  • Travel and participate in creative arts outreaches in Muslim contexts
Specific Qualifications:
  • Musical, performing, technical, or logistical skills
  • Ability to work well with a team
  • A heart for sharing the gospel with Muslim people
Additional Information:
Are you a musician or a singer? Are you skilled in drama, mime, puppets, dance, visual arts, circus arts, extreme sports, media, or running sound? Are you good at administration and organizing logistics? You might have a skill you can use in sharing the gospel with Muslim people! Join a music or creative arts tour and share the Good News of Jesus through the international language of the performing arts. Participate in outreaches in Muslim cultures.  Grow in your knowledge of God and his plan for the nations.


"As a former church planter in the Middle East, I have trouble containing myself in my enthusiasm for how this creative arts ministry has helped both the goals of evangelism and church planting. In the concerts I personally witnessed, literally many thousands of people have been exposed to the gospel (often for the first time) and God's love and other truths about him, (These people) would have never heard about him were it not for the outreaches." - Former worker in the Middle East

"During one of our tours, we were doing street performances. We usually started with music, dances and other things to attract a crowd, and ended with a final drama. Then we invited people to stay behind to talk to us. The drama we used illustrated God's creation and the salvation brought by Jesus. After the show I could easily start conversations with 'Did you like our last drama?' or 'Do you know what our last drama meant?' And then was able to share the whole gospel message. We never know what part of a performance encourages people to open their hearts for the Holy Spirit to work: was it the music, the dance, the drama, the personal testimony after the shows? But during that tour, two people came to the Lord. It was a delight to work with a team of people, to share about our Lord Jesus Christ, and to see lives changed when God touches their hearts." - A performer

*This opportunity is made available through a partnering organization. Central Asia, Middle East, Albanian Ministries, Music, Muslim Ministry