Community Church Pastor

Pastor in Western Alaska
An individual or couple with a heart to serve an existing small fellowship made up mostly of native believers in "bush" Alaska.
Country: Alaska, SEND North
Term: Long-Term (3+ years), Mid-Term (1 - 3 years)
  • Leading culturally appropriate Bible study and small group worship services
  • Adapting to local indigenous culture by coming as a learner
  • Developing relationships in a small community
  • Getting involved in community life
  • Coordinating ministry outreach with regional church-planting team
Specific Qualifications:
  • Desire and willingness to learn a new culture
  • Training and experience in pastoral ministry
  • Willingness to adapt to life in a very remote community
  • Eagerness to develop relationships with community members
Additional Information:
Western Alaska is known for its rugged beauty and wildlife, but amidst this exotic wilderness there are many churches with very little spiritual leadership. Several villages have church buildings and a group of believers, but they have no regular pastor who lives in the community or who visits on any regular basis.

The primary responsibility of a village pastor is to establish meaningful relationships with fellow community members through various means of community involvement. These communities are largely comprised of indigenous, native Alaskans; although many aspects of life may feel familiar, there is a strong difference in worldview that must be learned and adapted to.

Much of the village pastor's time will be dedicated to living a subsistence lifestyle; activities such as hunting, fishing, and wood-cutting become the primary platform upon which the gospel is shared and the Bible is taught. Alaska, Bible Teacher, Children, Pastoral Care, Youth