Engage Ukraine Internship Opportunity

Opp ID: 42419
Ukraine English missions intern exploration
Individuals who want to explore and experience full-time cross-cultural ministry in three to twelve months. Participants should be interested in learning Ukrainian culture, and can choose from one of three ministry tracks — teaching TESOL, engaging international students or partnering with a local church to reach the community.
Country: Eurasia, Europe, Ukraine
Term: Short-Term (2 weeks - 1 year)

Engage Ukraine offers three ministry tracks: A TESOL track, in which interns use their English teaching skills in outreach; a Christ to the Nations track, in which interns develop relationships with foreign students studying in Kyiv with the aim of sharing Christ; and a Community track, in which interns work alongside Ukrainian partners in a variety of ministries to help reach communities for Christ.

In all three tracks, you would:
  • Participate in language and culture study
  • Attend and use your spiritual gifts to serve a Ukrainian church
  • Lead or assist with English Clubs or other outreaches
  • Work closely with experienced SEND missionaries who can provide guidance as you discern God's call on your life 
Specific Qualifications:
  • A teachable spirit and willingness to submit to SEND Ukraine and Ukrainian leadership
  • Willingness to share an apartment 
  • Ability to live independently (wash own clothes, prepare own meals, clean an apartment, etc.)
  • ESL experience is helpful. TESOL training required for TESOL track. 
  • Ability to be responsible for own spiritual growth
Additional Information:

Reaching out to the community is an excellent way to build relationships with Ukrainians.

This 3- to 12-month missions exploration program allows individuals the opportunity to experience everything a career missionary experiences without the commitment of becoming a full-time missionary. 

This SEND internship can be considered for academic credit. Please contact us for more details.