Indonesia | English Teacher

As one of SEND's newest ministry areas in Asia, we are looking for resilient, focused, hard-working individuals with a passion for seeing Muslim people come to faith in Jesus, who are willing and able to live simply in order to learn the culture/language and invest in relationships in a Muslim community. Teaching English is often a natural way for followers of Jesus to have a presence in Muslim communities.
Country: Indonesia
Term: Long-Term (3+ years), Mid-Term (1 - 3 years)
• Learn the local language and culture
• Build relationships within the community by teaching English in a variety of possible settings
• Visit regularly in homes of your neighbors or students, intentionally sharing Bible stories
• Share Jesus in culturally appropriate ways
Specific Qualifications:
• Committed follower of Jesus
• TESOL/ESL degree or certification
• Sees the value of teaching English partnered with sharing the Gospel
• Ability to live simply
• Willingness to work on a multicultural team, collaborating with others
• Flexible and ready to learn from the culture you are serving
Additional Information:
Indonesia is home to more than 270 million people and is the world’s most populous Muslim nation. We have an urgency to bring the message of Jesus to those who have never had the opportunity to hear the truth.

Our Local Vision

The vision for SEND in Indonesia is to be the presence of Jesus and bring the message of Jesus among the unreached Muslims. This vision will be fulfilled when there are movements of faithful disciples who gather together and reproduce among these people groups. We believe the best way to accomplish this goal is to implement holistic strategies that include both proclamation and presence. As each unreached people group is engaged, we want to learn from and about them. We want to see them have strong relationships, marriages, families, and communities who then have the capacity to bring Jesus to their natural social network and beyond. Our deepest desire is to see the Gospel spread to these healthy communities and then from these communities to more communities.

Community Transformation Initiatives

Engage with Poverty & Injustice
Educate to Elevate
Lift Up Women & Girls 
Generate Decent Jobs
Build Durable, Healthy, Strong Families