Lancaster, PA | Life Coach

Calling all life coaches! Share your skills to empower Muslim immigrants as they navigate new lives in our community. Join our Lancaster Team in building bridges and fostering vibrant spiritual connections!
Term: Long-Term (3+ years), Mid-Term (1 - 3 years)
Country: North America (Immigrants & Refugees)
  • Empower new neighbors with life skills to foster self-sufficiency and community integration.
  • Forge authentic relationships by living and serving directly within the immigrant community.
  • Share your faith journey and nurture spiritual growth through mentorship and fellowship.
  • Guide youth and households in navigating social and spiritual challenges, promoting strong families
  • Engage in intentional prayer for the immigrant community and its needs.
Specific Qualifications:
  • Relevant certification or training: Certificate in coaching, mentoring, or a related field
  • Proven expertise: Demonstrated skills in ESL, trauma healing, life coaching, mentoring, or Bible storying.
  • Intercultural confidence: The ability to initiate and cultivate meaningful relationships within the immigrant community.
  • Team-oriented: A willingness to both give and receive mentorship and collaborate within a team setting.
Additional Information:
Our Local Vision

To establish vital churches among unreached diaspora groups in Lancaster, by developing a team of volunteers through a network of committed partners who are actively engaging the unreached diaspora in Lancaster city and region.

Community Transformation Initiative 
  • Build Durable, Healthy, Strong Families