Marketplace Ministry Worker

Marketplace Ministry Workers use employment opportunities to enter and work in a remote community for the purposes of building relationships and helping connect people to the family of God. By employing your vocational skills as a strategic means of pursuing ministry objectives, you can impact a remote northern community for Christ and be actively involved in fulfilling the Great Commission. In this rugged region of the world, SEND North is committed to Making Northern Disciplemakers.
Country: Alaska, Canada, SEND North
Term: Long-Term (3+ years), Mid-Term (1 - 3 years)
  • Employment in your personal skill set
  • Build relationships with the goal of moving people one step closer to Jesus
  • Serve in local ministries as needed, i.e., outreach activities, etc. 
  • Model Christian principles in life, on the job, and in the community
  • Reside in Alaskan villages or communities in Northern Canada
Specific Qualifications:
  • Passion for reaching the indigenous people in rural Alaska or Northern Canada with the gospel
  • Ability to work with people with different backgrounds, values, and beliefs
  • Interest in adventure and minimalistic living
  • Desire to learn and participate in local culture
  • Confidence in sharing about the gospel and living a life of faith
  • Passion and ability to disciple new believers in Christ

Additional Information:
Examples of Marketplace Ministry opportunities:
  • School Teacher or Education Assistant
  • Healthcare Worker (nurse, mid-level practitioners, behavioral health specialist)
  • Aviation Mechanic
  • Other: Contact SEND North to see if your career would be a good fit