Romania | Digital Nomad

Does your job allow you to work from anywhere? Consider moving to Romania to make disciples while also keeping your job. The SEND Romania team is inviting digital nomads to join our team to make a spiritual impact in Romania while keeping their remote jobs in their passport country. Whether you’re considering mid-term or long-term, talk to a mobilizer today about this new pathway for global workers.
Country: Europe, Romania
Term: Long-Term (3+ years), Mid-Term (1 - 3 years)
  • Meet job expectations while also committed to local ministry
  • Disciple believers and share the gospel with others in the community
  • Partner with local church and SEND team in ministry opportunities
Specific Qualifications:
  • Already have a remote job you can continue working
  • Experience in discipleship and/or evangelism
  • Humble, teachable, flexible and willing to serve
Additional Information:

Our Local Vision

Many Christians around the world have typical jobs during the day and yet choose to live life on mission in their workplaces, neighborhoods, church, and friendships in the community. As many Romanians are working or in school during the day, there are plenty of ministry opportunities during the evening and weekend hours. The local churches are eager to have more people invested in discipleship in the church and also evangelism in the community. Join us in making disciples in Romania by moving here to live and minister while also keeping your remote job.