Transcaucasia | Engage Georgia Short/Mid-term Missions Opportunity

Engage Georgia provides an opportunity for you to grow in your own relationship with Jesus, to discover what life is like on the mission field, and to participate in ministry to the unreached. Join our local team and experience this amazing country! This is a land where ancient traditions blend seamlessly with modern vibrancy. Here you will find a cultural kaleidoscope and a rich tapestry of history. Georgia contains breathtaking mountain views and ancient monasteries. More importantly, it is home to many unreached peoples yearning for hope.
Country: Eurasia, Transcaucasia
Term: Mid-Term (1 - 3 years), Short-Term (2 weeks - 1 year)

  • Participate in intentional language and culture study.
  • Join in local team activities and meetings. 
  • Serve closely with other cross-cultural and/or local workers. 
  • Meet regularly with other experienced cross-cultural workers for personal mentoring. 
  • Attend a local church and use your spiritual gifts to serve that local church. 
  • Take part in tasks particular to your ministry assignment. 

Specific Qualifications:

We’re looking for people who have... 

  1. A desire and ability to be intentional and responsible for their own personal spiritual growth. 

  1. A readiness to be flexible and adaptable when things don’t go as planned. 

  1. A capacity to live independently and a willingness to live communally. 

  1. A desire to serve others, both nationals and the local team. 

  1. A teachable spirit and willingness to submit to local Georgia leadership. 

  1. An eagerness to participate in ministry. 

Additional Information:
Our Local Vision:

SEND Eurasia has recently expanded their work to Transcaucasia, a small but strategic region that includes dozens of unreached people groups and connects to creative-access countries. We
seek to impact local communities in transformational ways that facilitate gospel witness and multiply efforts to establish and grow local communities of Jesus followers.

This short-term mission opportunity aims to balance both doing and being. Yes, you will be active and experiencing many new things! You will be involved in a variety of ministry opportunities, while also learning language and culture. But we also desire a deepening of your love for God and the needs in Georgia. These aspects of being are also very important, and they form the backbone of this opportunity. 

You can expect to live in an apartment in the capital city of Tbilisi. You will do your own grocery shopping, cook your own meals, and wash your own clothes. You will grow in your life skills as you live and serve in this amazing country. It’s also possible that you could live with other short-term workers, with a host missionary unit, in an apartment with a Georgian roommate, or alone.