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You can donate now online via credit card using JustGiving.
Other Ways to Give


PSC Check Info-graph

You can either give your check to the missionary you are supporting, or you can mail it in directly to our office. Please include with the check a note with the following information: Donor's name, mailing address, contact number, and email address. 

Note: For security purposes, please have your mail registered.

PSC Office Mailing Address:  Philippine Sending Council
                                                    PO Box 1009, QCCPO
                                                    Quezon City
                                                    1150 Metro Manila

Direct Deposit

If you would like to give by direct deposit to PSC, our missionaries, or our teams, you can definitely do so. Please follow the steps below:

For regular supporters (i.e. monthly, quarterly, yearly)

  1. Fill out and submit this PSC Pledge form
  2. Direct deposit your funds on the date you have specified (See PSC Direct Deposit Bank Details below).
  3. Each time you make a deposit, please notify our office for confirmation of designation and acknowledgement. You can:

For one-time supporters

  1. Fill out and submit this PSC Pledge form.
  2. Direct deposit your funds to PSC (See PSC Direct Deposit Bank Details below).

PSC Direct Deposit Bank Details

Please make checks payable to the Account Name: 

Philippine Sending Council of SEND International, Inc.
(or Phil. Sending Council of SEND Int'l., Inc.)

For Peso deposits in PH:

BDO, Timog-Rotonda Branch
Peso Savings Account
Account Name: Phil. Sending Council of SEND Int'l., Inc.
Account # 00-162-006-3164

For US Dollar deposits in PH:

BDO, Timog-Rotonda Branch
US Dollar Savings Account
Account Name: Phil. Sending Council of SEND Intl'l., Inc.
Account #: 10-162-006-3172

For US Dollar deposits from abroad (except US & Canada):

BDO, Timog-Rotonda Branch
G/F Imperial Palace Suites Tomas Morato corner Timog Avenue, South Triangle, Quezon City, Philippines

US Dollar Saving Account
Account Name: Philippine Sending Council of SEND International, Inc.
Account #: 10-162-006-3172
Switf Code: BNORPHMM

Note: Please contact our office after you make a deposit for confirmation of designation and acknowledgement. You can:

Our View of Money
Reliance upon God

SEND International desires that all missionaries, candidates, council members and staff maintain a spirit of reliance upon God.

Challenge to Faith

The needs of SEND International, including those of the missionaries and the ministry, are regarded as challenges to our faith for God’s work and held before Him in prayer. Therefore, all contributions, regardless of their source or designation, are to be received as from Him and used for His glory.


Materialism is recognized as a danger to the missionary’s commitment to God. This can be expressed in anxiety over, or preoccupation with, a lack of material goods, or in an undue attachment to possessions. Therefore, missionaries should seek a wholesome relationship to the things that God has provided, not fix their hope on material things. Missionaries should evidence a spirit of generosity through sharing with others in need.


Each worker is expected to exercise careful stewardship over moneys that are entrusted to them. No unsecured indebtedness will be incurred by any area organization or individual member on behalf of the Mission.


Salary for all members of the missions organization in either sending or receiving areas is determined on the basis of need without regard to position in the Mission. Salary level is determined to provide a modest, but adequate, standard of living throughout the Mission commensurate to the needs of the missionary.

Standard of Living

The standard of living for Mission members is based upon simplicity and balance in order that there not be a barrier between them and the people of the area where they reside.

Contributions and Ministry

The work of SEND International is maintained through the voluntary contributions of the Lord’s people. All contacts with the Christian public should be regarded as a privilege for ministry and an opportunity for challenge.

Receipting of Funds

All contributions to the ministry of SEND International will be acknowledged by an appropriate means according to the laws of that country.

Distribution of Funds

Mission funds received by a member of the Mission will not accrue to the benefit of any individual member. The Mission will have final control of disbursement of funds.

Ministry Fund

The Mission sets a desired salary level but does not guarantee it. Missionaries of SEND International are dependent on the Lord to provide for their personal needs and those of the ministry, through the gifts of God’s people. Missionaries never receive a salary larger than the established figure, but may receive less, if funds contributed for missionary support are inadequate for full salaries to be paid. As an expression of the unity of the Mission community, contributions received by the Mission for missionary support are pooled in each area so that, when there is an inadequate amount to give full salaries, all missionaries in the area share equally in the deficiency.