A Tale of Two Churches

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Two churches, one village, 42 kids

 aniak anc chruch team june 2013

In the last week of June, two Anchorage churches combined forces to bring a vbs ministry to a remote western Alaska village. The mixed team of teens and adults left their urban homes behind, boarded a small aircraft and flew a few hundred miles west, passing over mountains, glaciers, lakes and tundra, before touching down. They spent a week sharing the truth of scripture as they got to know people, played games, hung out with kids and even helped some members of the community with home repairs.


What was the best part of the week they shared together? It could have been the attendance; 42 kids came to hear what they had to say. Or it could have been the local rummage sale they put on, raising $800 to help the rebuilding work going on in the flood-stricken community of Galena. But, most likely,  the best part was living a week in the village, joining the efforts of resident church planters and sharing the Gospel in a real-life context.

Yeah, that would be the best part.