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"SEND North is the largest, and fastest growing church planting organization north of the 60th Parallel – globally!

This was Pastor Jim Capaldo's summary after returning from a ministry assessment trip around the circumpolar north.  Our continuous growth by God's grace brings with it many challenges and opportunities.  One such challenge is leading a growing organization.  We are blessed with the leadership of our Area Director, Dr. Barry Rempel.  However, he can only do so much.  That is why we are so glad to have our new AAD! 

We are pleased to welcome Jim Stamberg into his new role as our Assistant Area Director.  

For seven years Jim and Marissa and their sons, Dawson and Brennan, have been sharing the hope of Jesus Christ with the people of Alaska. Jim and Marissa are both graduates of the Moody Bible Institute.  Jim has directed and taught a high school aviation program designed to keep high school students off of drugs and alcohol.  In Naknek, Alaska he served as a youth pastor, worship leader, interim pastor, and pilot alongside Naknek Community Bible Chapel.  Jim and Marissa both developed a youth discipleship program as well as  did regional village outreach through village visits and camp ministry support.  Jim was the regional team leader for a time.

Both Jim and his wife, Marissa, started thinking about missions at a young age. Marissa felt a call during her church’s missions conference.  Although Marissa felt compelled to go forward, she was hesitant at first. When a close stood up, that was all the encouragement she needed to also respond.  Jim wouldn’t say that he ever necessarily felt called. “I just realized there was a need and that I was a person that was capable of helping with that need. I also realized quickly the unbalancedness in the world, how there’s so much of the world that has no exposure to the gospel, and how little time and resources are going to share the gospel with them.”  Marissa adds, “Our hearts are just burdened when we think about the villages that don't have a single believer living there; what it would be like to be so isolated, not have the hope of Christ, and nobody that could tell you the good news!"

Their burdened hearts brought them to Alaska.   It is that same burden that brings them out of the village to live and serve in the big city of Anchorage. 

Their experience and talents will be used to impact more lives in more villages as they support the whole SEND North Team. As Assistant Area Director, Jim will be working closely with Barry Rempel to manage the day to day operation of the mission. The goal is to free up Barry to focus on the big picture aspect of SEND North's vision, growth, and development. This will put Jim in close working relationships with the different ministry supervisors within SEND North: Director of Personnel, Regional Ministry Directors in Alaska and Canada, and Director of Partnerships.

Jim and Marissa are mostly settled in and are starting into work this week.  Please pray for them as they adjust to a new ministry assignment and to living in the big city.  Pray that God will work mightily through them to impact the entire SEND North family and beyond!  

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