Amazed at Easter

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 Lately in the SEND North office our prayer times have focused on Jesus’ ministry as recorded in the early chapters of the Gospel of Mark.  I have been reflecting on the reactions people had to Jesus, usually expressed with words like “amazed” or “marveled.”  In Mark 4 the disciples voice what undoubtedly many others were thinking:  “Who is this man?” That question comes into even sharper focus during the Easter season we just celebrated.  Is Jesus simply a dead martyr, hanging on the cross?  No, he is far more—he is the Risen Lord!  Following the resurrection, Peter and the other disciples in a sense answer their own earlier question by proclaiming the Good News:  Jesus is both Lord and Messiah.  “Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved” (Acts 2). Have we lost sight of that or has the message become dull and routine?  Throughout Alaska & Northern Canada, people have all sorts of ideas about Jesus, yet they don’t know him as Savior.  SEND North seeks to present the saving message of salvation to all who will hear with the hope of seeing transformed lives, changed families, and even whole communities impacted for God’s glory. And God is at work!  We still “marvel” to see people living victorious, changed lives through the power of Christ.  Do you want to be amazed by taking a front row seat to all that God is doing in the 60/70 Window?  Start by following along on social media.  We would love to have you join us in this endeavor. Barry Rempel SEND North Area Director Follow SEND North on social media: Facebook      Twitter     Google+    LinkedIn    Pinterest  Instagram    Download the free report, God's Extreme Love; Life and Ministry in the Far North.