Animism Course

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One of the challenges of ministry in Alaska and Northern Canada is engaging people who follow their indigenous religion.  The challenging question we’ve wrestled with for 80 years is “what acceptable in cultural and what is opposed to God?”  We are not alone in this quest, so we want to share with you this wonderful educational opportunity

Whether you are ministering among Folk Religionist with animistic backgrounds or you are simply Interested in this topic, you will benefit from this opportunity.

The one week, online course will run from October 2-9, 2016 at a cost of $15.  It will be facilitated by SEND Missiologist, Dr. Gary Ridley.

Here is the breakdown: 

COURSE TITLE: Animism and Folk Religion

My Learners: People who are ministering among Folk Religionist with animistic backgrounds.


1. The concept of “Folk Religion.”

2. Animism as a common element in “Folk Religion.”

3. Syncretism


The participant will:

1. Compare and contrast “Folk” and “Formal” religion.

2. Analyze animistic elements in the Folk Religion of their people group.

3. Develop a preliminary strategy for addressing folk religion concerns from a biblical perspective that will minimize syncretism.


The course is hosted  on  They will soon have a second website for registration but for now you can go to the address above and click on “contact” to let them know you are interested.