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It seemed harmless enough.  *Ron enjoyed teaching in the school and building into the lives of the kids.   So when he was interviewed by his hometown paper he thought there could be no harm done.  It was just a little article in a small, local paper about his experience in a rural Alaskan Yupik Village.  He just thought he was pointing out the funny differences in culture.  However, when going across cultures, humor doesn't always translate well.  A village leader found the article online when doing Market research on their town.  The insults cut deep.  Ron was immediately fired and put on the first plane out of the village.   (*not his real name) 

Our teammate told this story in 2012 in response to SEND North's proposed plans to build an online social media presence.  Strong concerns were expressed, and numerous examples given of the damage done from careless words spoken. 

It is a valid concern. 

Would you want your personal story floating around cyberspace for everyone to see your dirty laundry?  Even when the story is one of triumph, it is not easy to be vulnerable and share your struggles. Have you noticed our blog posts are usually vague?  Can you see why? Because we have the Love of God motivating us, we will do whatever it takes to communicate the Good News in clear ways that avoid misunderstandings.  This is why we avoid using real names, giving specific locations, or overstating the struggles of those living in the Far North. 

We strongly desire to tell God's Story.  He is doing so much to transform lives and we want the entire body of Christ to rejoice and join in the adventure.   That means walking a fine line and it is worth the effort.

So, when you pray for us, please pray as if you were the one in the middle of the anonymous story!

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