Blow the Horn!

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Blow the horn!  As I write I can look out my office window across the street and see the Harley Davidson motorcycle shop.  That could mean more to some than others, but it is very noticeable to all on certain occasions.  It seems that whenever they make a sale they celebrate by giving a loud, window rattling blast on a truck/train horn which can be heard from blocks away.

 With all due respect to the motorcycle sales staff, here at SEND North we seek something far more “horn worthy”:  transformed lives.  With every ounce of our being we are committed to taking the life changing Gospel of Jesus Christ to those who need to hear in the Far North.  With that in mind, I would like to “blow the horn” a little with you.  It’s not our horn—we want to trumpet the news of what God is doing in the North.

 Take a moment to read this recent testimony from a SEND North missionary:  “I wanted to let you know what is going on. The Holy Spirit has been poured out here, and we have been involved in some awesome ministry opportunities this weekend.  I have been reminded from this that ministry can be messy and chaotic at times.   I have seen the Holy Spirit displayed in powerful ways and I have seen the worst of people get saved this week.  The MAJOR challenge we have is getting all these people discipled and connected to Bible studies.  DJ (a new believer himself) has become the point man in all of this and we are just running around behind him.  DJ's dad received Christ as Savior, and then we went and did a burning of idols and ceremonial items from his house.  He is a very influential person in our village.  This is a big deal!

I needed a day off today, so my son and I went small game hunting with a friend and his son.  While we were gone, DJ showed up at my house with a lady who wanted to pray and get saved.  Since I wasn't home, my wife took them to my office.  My wife told DJ that he knew what to do, and that he should lead the lady to Christ.  So he did.  My wife had a good visit with both of them.  I was glad that I wasn't there to get in the way.

One of the town's drug dealers received Christ.  The next night he brought his partner so she got saved.  This morning he led one of the least likely people to Jesus Christ.  This weekend, 11 people came forward for prayer or salvation, while some others from our village got saved at another location.  I can't say what will be the result of all this, but we know that this town will be changed at the least.”

 Now that’s something “horn worthy” for which we can praise God!  He is at work changing lives in powerful ways.  Here at SEND North we are grateful to be a part of what God is doing, and so thankful for your partnership with us in this effort.

 Wishing you God’s joy and peace,

 Barry Rempel

Area Director—SEND North