Brothel or school

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Imagine living in a land where 600,000 girls work as prostitutes. That’s one for every 100 people. And this is only the beginning. This is a land where a middle schooler will sell her body for a new pair of designer jeans, where a housewife will “work the streets” to provide extra income for her family. 

The crisis is overwhelming. And though we may not be able to rescue thousands, we can start with one. So let me tell you about 12-year-old Hua.

Hua grew up in a poor Shan home in Northern Thailand. When she heard the stories of the Bible from SEND workers, she chose to follow Jesus as her Lord and Savior. She loves to sing and worship Jesus with her friends. This past year she finished elementary school and is excited to attend high school. But since her mother cannot afford the tuition, she has threatened to send her to Bangkok to work in a brothel.

When our team was faced with this dilemma, we came up with the idea of finding sponsors for Hua and a dozen other girls who faced the same crisis. Hua now has a sponsor who will pay for her high school tuition, uniform and school books to give her a hope and a future. The new school year begins the first of May. The decision now rests in the hands of her mother who is coming to Northern Thailand in April and will make the decision then. Will she accept the sponsorship? Or will she send Hua away? Would you pray for Hua, our young sister in Christ?


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